Product FAQ

Product FAQ

Q1. Thin film design

Choosing the most appropriate optical film design is an essential element to improve the film-forming efficiency and production capacity.

Q2. Film forming process

Appropriate film deposition process is an indispensable condition for improving film quality and production capacity.

Q3. Vacuum coating

Vacuum coating refers to the method of heating the coating material in vacuum to evaporate (gasify) and adhere to the substrate surface to form a film. Because vacuum eliminates impurities, dense films can be formed.

Evaporation film formation is a reliable and adaptable method. The method can use a variety of metal semiconductor and dielectric film-forming materials.

Using thermal evaporation or electron beam evaporation source, high coating rate and high-quality film thickness distribution can be obtained.

Q4. Ion assisted coating

Ion-assisted deposition (IAD) uses an ion gun to bombard the substrate with a certain kinetic energy ion current in the evaporation process. Its purpose is to improve the film structure, compactness and adhesion, so as to improve the film quality.
The absorption loss of the filter made by this film-forming method is very small, and the film stress is also smaller than that by other plasma methods. Incomparable productivity and film characteristics can be obtained by ion assisted coating.

Q5. Low temperature sputtering

The previous film forming technology is usually hot plating, that is, the substrate needs to be heated before coating, so the substrate must use glass with good heat resistance. This is very unfavorable for film formation on resins or soft materials with poor heat resistance.

Q6. High current ion source

Ion gun is an indispensable part of ion assisted and ion beam sputtering film forming equipment. The speed of ion-assisted film formation is improved effectively.

Q7. High precision optical film thickness meter

Optical film thickness meter is an instrument for measuring the optical thickness of thin film formed on the substrate when the optical film is manufactured by vacuum coating equipment. The equipment is an indispensable measuring equipment for making precise film and realizing automatic film forming control.
According to the optical characteristics of the film (wavelength bandwidth, number of film layers, film specification, etc.).

Q8. High-performance control software

Efficient manufacturing of high-performance films requires control software with high stability and reliability.

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