Shanghai Jason Vacuum Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2007. In the early stage of its establishment, it is mainly engaged in OEM manufacturing services related to high vacuum optical coating machines. Our products cover vacuum chambers, all kinds of valves, high vacuum diffusion pumps and all kinds of vacuum components, etc. So far, we have established OEM business relations with many top vacuum equipment manufacturers in the world. Good performance also has been achieved in cooperation with many parties.

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September 2021 JAVAC Wuxi was successfully completed and put into use, and was honored with the title of technology little giant enterprise


Infrared equipment made its debut in China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) for the first time and successfully attracted wide attention


PDS ion source was officially launched on the market. Magnetron sputtering machine entered the final debugging stage


JAVAC has been approved by Shanghai science and technology commission of Sino-British industrial innovation project, Certification for Shanghai high-tech enterprises


Successfully manufactured JASOC 1500 AR coating equipment


Successful development of optical film thickness monitoring system (Visible and infrared bands). JAVAC successfully manufactured JASOC900 infrared narrow-band coating system


The first three patent certificates were issued by the state Patent Office, The company applied for patents again and two of them have passed final patent review


Started mass production of APL 2450, and JAVAC's trade mark has been certified by the state administration for industry and commerce


The first closed-field magnetron sputtering OEM manufacturing equipment was delivered to customers


The first MIC1350 OEM coater successfully delivered to customers


The first high-end ophthalmic coating machine OEM semifinished products delivered to customers, Started mass OEM production of APL 1900


The first OEM high vacuum auto lamp reflection film coating system was assembled and delivered to customers


November 2007 Shanghai Jason Vacuum Co., Ltd. (JAVAC) was officially established

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